Are You Getting the Most out of your Professional Real Estate Photos?

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Where To Use Your Professional Real Estate Photos

When it comes to making use of the photos you just paid for, it’s important to remember that MLS is only one of the places to post them. Social media sites like, Facebook do a great job with photo presentations and even allow you to create a marketing message to attach to them. Additionally, the Book (Facebook) offers Boosting. Boosting allows you to pay a reasonable price for a targeted advertising campaign for the photos you just posted and it helps you create a larger following. I use it regularly for for my customers and my business pages.

Photo Size

The photos I provide my customers are always resized from the highest resolution, about 25 MB down to approximately 1 MB. This file size is ideal for clear online use in MLS and all the other real estate websites. They are also acceptable for most normal printing, however, the full size images are best for high end printing link glossy magazines. Although I only upload and share the resized images, the high resolution versions are always available for the asking.


Another service I offer is custom produced slideshows that present all the best shots that sell the property in a popular video format that easily plays online and on mobile devices. Videos are posted to my Shots That Sell Facebook page and includes all your contact information and tags to you; boosting is idea for these videos and can make a big difference in listing exposure.

Let’s make your listings stand out against the competition with shots that sell for you and all your listing clients.


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