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As a listing agent, you know there are certain milestones in the process; things like your presentation, gaining the listing, having contracts signed, working with sellers to be sure they are ready at home and mentally too. But, are you taking advantage of your photo shoot to further show your clients your professionalism and care that goes into your marketing and service to them?

In the past, I mentioned how certain top producing agents I work with have a process that includes everything from making preparation suggestions, to staging, to arranging contractors and landscapers if needed. They also use our photo shoots to emphasize their value and care, plus, their presence that day further deepens their relationships.

Your photo shoots are another opportunity to shine in front of your clients and hopefully gain referrals along the way. How do I do this you may ask?

1. Beat me to the listing and walk through to be sure the home is ready.

2. If the sellers are not home, be sure they know you are there and working with me to be sure things are right.

3. Inform your sellers of the exact day and time and suggest they can be home if they want.

4. Be sure to share the photo gallery with them as soon as you receive it.

5. Don’t ask them to select the photos they like best, that’s your job because you’re their marketing expert. Just tell them you will select all the best shots that display their home in the best light.

6. Make sure they know your photographer is not a part timer and has years of experience with photography, marketing, and the real estate industry.

7. If you want to use me and Shots That Sell as a tool for gaining new business. Feel free to send them to and tell them, “this is who I will hire”.

If you have any questions about turning an ordinary photo shoot into an event, feel free to contact me.


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